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Explore Akrotiri Private Tour

Akrotiri Private Tour

Step back nearly 4,000 years on a private 3-hour tour of ancient Akrotiri on Santorini. With a knowledgeable private guide, explore the well-preserved ruins of this one-time Minoan settlement, destroyed by a volcano in around 1450 BC. Inspect the excavated houses and buildings, see the remnants of kitchens and drainage systems, and hear about the vivid frescoes that once graced the walls. Learn about the long-ago inhabitants, how their town was buried under ash, and how Minoan society and culture was far ahead of mainland European civilization at the time. Highlights Private 3-hour walking tour of ancient Akrotiri, with an informative local guide Tour the excavated Minoan-era town of Akrotiri, buried under volcanic ash in around 1450 BC Walk along the main street past ruins of shops and houses, some once painted in colorful frescoes See the remains of kitchens, balconies and drainage and sewage systems Learn about life here nearly 4,000 years ago from a knowledgeable guide Relax with included hotel pickup and drop-off Enjoy undivided attention and personalized commentary from a private guide What You Can Expect Discover the remains of a pre-historic city that remained buried for almost four thousand years! Protected and preserved under a thick layer of volcanic material, it gives us unique and valuable information about the art, architecture, and everyday life back in 2000BC! In a time when most of Europe neolithic communities lived in villages of timber houses or simple huts, the Mediterranean is already literate and civilized. The point where Asia and Europe meet, around the Aegean Sea, becomes from around 2000 BC the site of Europe’s first civilization. Walking within a 4000 year old perfectly preserved settlement, getting to understand how the society was organized and how people lived their lives, seeing the paved streets, and the remains of large 2-3 storey building complexes, kitchen and toilette facilities, unique wall paintings and a perfect drainage – sewage system, is an experience surely not to be missed! Although the site itself is very well preserved, seeing it without a guide provides limited information, not allowing the visitor to truly appreciate its importance. Our experienced and licensed tourist guide Giorgia, will pick you up from your hotel and offer you a fully guided tour of the site, and an unforgettable trip into the past.