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Santorini Private tours reviews

Dear Nikos,

Upon return to Moscow we would like to thank you SO much for one of the most wonderful days in our life! Nikos, you really made this day! Besides you made the photos that amazed all of us you were a bright but still tactful ‘leader’ of our Day.

All the words fail us when we look at the photos!! They are brilliant! Real masterpieces! [I even couldn’t expect I could look like that ;)]

Thank you very much for your kind assistance and for your excellent job! Hope to see you again.

Best wishes,

Elena & Vladimir


Hello Nikos

Our tour of Santorini was all and more than we expected. Our guide was knowledgeable, helpful and open to suggestions and expansion of the tour. We had one senior citizen he toured with in the car while others walked some sights. We loved his history lessons and knowledge of each area. When he found out we really liked to take pictures he strived to find the perfect settings for our many photos. We really didn’t care about the wine tours until he took us to our first and then we wanted more. Really great way to visit with the locals and learn more. We would recommend this trip with this country to everyone!

Dave & Any USA

Hello Nikos,

I recently saw your website and once again it sparks my obsolute fondness for your island of Santorini.

I saw the pictures of people you’ve made happy and I thought that what could be more fitting to showcase in your site but the smiling faces of a happy group. Thanks to both of you.

Eight months after our cruise on June 2005, these people are still talking of the wonderful time everyone had under Niko’s care for that one unforgettable day. And those pictures Nikos took are just gorgeous and I’ve included all in the souvenir DVD I’ve created for the group.

And by the way, the group from Los Angeles California whom I’ve recommended to use your service last year were of course very happy with your tour.

And again, you will be contacted, with my highest recommendation,  by my co-worker who is booked for the Celebrity Med Cruise this August. His name is Mike Mahase.

I wish you and Nikos more success.

Best regards,

Evelyn and the members of the

Concepcion Family and Friends Reunion, June 2008

Now that we are home and things are settled down, I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for the wonderful day you gave us when we visited Santorini on October 10th.  Our friend, Walt, made copies of the CD you gave us, and every time I look at it I want to come back.  I even downloaded one of the pictures onto my desktop!  I makes a day here at work much more pleasant!

Thank you again for the kindness you showed all of us, and especially our friend Mae.  Getting her that birthday cake was the highlight of her day! 

We did some shopping after we left you, and Deb did her part to help your national economy.  One of the jewelry stores was very happy to see her!  Carl also bought me a beautiful gold and lapis necklace and I think of your beautiful island now whenever I wear it.  I still worry about the little kitty we named Electra and hope that she found another home after the restaurant closed.

We will definitely come back to Santorini someday, and hope to see you again when we do.  Many, many thanks again for a most memorable day!  Have a wonderful winter!

Mary Mazzocco

This tour was fantastic. Nikos, the guide, was extremely knowledgeable and thorough and took us to wonderful towns and places with astounding views. No question, if you go to Santorini, Nikos should be your guide. The driver was also excellent. He drove very prudently in narrow roads characterized by traffic of big buses.