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Santorini Archaeological Sites Tour

The village of Akrotiri is well known for its archaeological sites. This village is located at the southernmost part of Santorini. Akrotiri is regarded as the most prehistoric settlement of the Aegean Sea. Evidence of habitation of Akrotiri first came to light in the 19th century while the whole town was covered with volcanic ashes.

The actual excavation in this area started in the year 1967 by professor Spyridon Marinatos under the supervision of the Archaeological Society at Athens. On the basis of his theory, which was published in 1930, he decided to excavate at Akrotiri.

The basis of his theory was stick to a point that the volcano eruption of the Thera was greatly responsible for destruction of Minoan civilization. Many discoveries have been made since the beginning of the excavations and all the findings from the excavation are very well preserved.

The old city of Akrotiri is not different from the island’s traditional pattern, in terms of architecture and design. Walking around the old city of Akrotiri one can find houses with two or three floors and underneath sewage canals attached. You also can find small roads and squares. The people of old Akrotiri were using stone or wooden staircase inside their houses.

The people of old Akrotiri were using their ground floor for business purposes whereas the upstairs were meant for living quarters. From the excavation so many precious evidences are recovered which are reflecting their lifestyle such as hand mills for flour production, weaving meals and storage pots for wheat, barley, wine, oil and salted fish.

The well-connected and underneath drainage system along with sophisticated multi-storeyed building; spectacular wall paintings, beautiful furniture and vessels, trace the level of its development and great affluence. Various imported objects are also found that indicates the wide network and their external relation.